List of Helpful Apps for Paper Writing

Writing a college paper can raise a lot of stumbling blocks like superficial knowledge of the subject, lack of inspiration, problems with understanding the assignment and lack of time and wish to write. These are only a few reasons why students detest paper writing. However, mobile apps can lend them a helping hand:

Online applications:

  • Admissions Essays. Here you will find great number of samples of the admissions essays that you can use as outlines for your future papers.
  • It is not a simple definition dictionary. It also gives thesaurus, guides through punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviations and proposes many other features.
  • is a great reference source with an access to more than a hundred dictionaries and relevant encyclopedias.
  • Find Tutorials. This website is full of academic tutorials that will guide students through all pitfalls of paper writing.
  • TED. This source gives access to educational videos and interviews with experts in their fields of study.

Android apps:

  • Evernote. One of the most popular apps all over the world will help you to note down all ideas you have concerning the paper writing.
  • Simplenote. Younger brother of Evernote, organizes your thoughts and tasks and syncs them with your other devices.
  • Springpad. This app will store all links and content necessary for writing
  • Google Docs. Literally, this app can replace all note taking apps mentioned above and also it stores all documents and lists in the sharable platform so it will be easy to show docs to teacher or fellow students.

iPad apps:

  • Byword. With help of this app students can create and store the text in the cloud.
  • Writing Kit. This app assists not only with writing but with research also. The app also will sync your text to the cloud storage.
  • iA Writer. Plain and simple app that focuses attention of a student on the writing process.

iPhone apps:

  • iThoughts. Perfect organizer of thoughts.
  • Nebulous Notes. This app enables user to format writing with different fonts or backgrounds.