8 Easy Steps to Write Successful Essay

Admissions essay is a way to show your personality to the admission officers and you have to do your best in order to evoke a response from them. These steps will help you to create well-written and catching essay:

  1. Come up with an idea. Starting is always difficult, though when you will brainstorm the things that are interesting to you and have influence on your life, it will be easier to begin.
  2. Start writing the rough draft. Collect all notes and create an outline for the paper. Think about the places where to place examples. Do not try to make it perfect - now it is time to write down all ideas about the essay.
  3. Essay should consist of three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. The scheme will be as follows: 1 paragraph with introduction - 3-5 paragraphs that explain the idea and give examples - 1 paragraph that ends the paper.
  4. The paper should be focused: select a viewpoint and make sure that all your pieces of evidence support that point of view.
  5. Be creative. Your essay should stand out from the crowd as there are hundreds of applicants and admission officers will have to read hundreds of essays. That is why you have to do your best and find new approach to the essay so it won't look like dozens of other essays on that topic.
  6. Do not write things that as you think, admissions officers want to hear. Be honest.
  7. Do not forget to show the draft to a person who is acquainted in writing and ask for feedback. Make sure that your paper sounds like you. Consider comments of the testers and make changes, if necessary.
  8. Thoroughly proofread the paper and correct all mistakes and typos. Make sure that the text flows without stumbling blocks. Again, ask someone to read the paper, a person who has never seen your essay before is likely to see the mistakes you won't see.