How to Improve the Quality of SAT Essay

Do you know what is really essential in writing of SAT essays? Do you know how to get higher score in this task? In this article we will show you 15 crucial points that influence the success of the essay greatly.

Accomplishment of SAT essay takes no more than 25 minutes and it requires specific approach that differs from the other papers. The main purpose of this task is to staff as many detail as you can.

What the College Board Says:

  1. Answer the question of the thesis clearly. You can copy the exact words from the prompt in the thesis statement - it is a sign that your thesis is on topic.
  2. Follow the standard structure of the essay with a smith flow from idea to idea.
  3. The paper should be free of errors and author should not be repetitive.
  4. The paper should contain supportive example from life. Though, in fact, you have to provide examples from literature, history, news etc.
  5. Use different words to describe the same idea.

Secrets of the College Board:

  1. It is OK to ignore the quote before the prompt.
  2. There is no need to use academic examples, as all sample essays use classic texts. Though, if you feel that you can write on academic reference, go on.
  3. It is not compulsory to know all facts you are talking about. The SAT has no possibility to check every essay on fact correctness. You have to use solid piece of evidence to support your point of view - and if you don't remember it, make it up.
  4. The longer your essay the better your score - try to write more than one page.
  5. The first and the last paragraphs are more important than the others.

5 steps to write successful SAT essay:

  1. Select the side - yes or no to the question of the prompt.
  2. Choose solid evidence - they have to be based on art, history or current events.
  3. Use basic essay structure
  4. Plan the writing: set time limits on planning, writing and revision
  5. Practice in writing essays of such kind