Know-How Tips on Essay Writing

A lot is said about essay writing: dull, time-consuming, annoying, nerve-racking. Still, some people know how to write them, enjoy the process and spend not much time on writing. How do they manage to do it?

They use these tips:

  1. Choosing a topic. Skip this part if you already have an assigned topic. But in case if you have a possibility to come up with a topic, you have a brilliant possibility to find the topic that will capture attention of the audience. However, at first, make sure that the topic meets the requirements of the assignment.
  2. Creation of the introduction. For some the introduction is the most challenging part of essay writing, though it happens when you have no clear notion where to start the app from. But when you what are you going to write about, the accomplishment of this part will be easy. Write a topic sentence and add some catching facts about it. Introduction should be interesting, the readers should want to read further. The introduction calls for just a couple of sentences in fact. The next paragraph of the text should be a development of the introduction. Thesis statement is a conclusive part of the introduction and it should contain the summary of what are you going to talk about in the paper.
  3. Creation of the body. In general, paper has two or three sub topics related to the main issue. These sub topics should be mentioned in the thesis statement. The topic sentence should be supported by solid argumentation and pieces of evidence. The evidence should be taken from reliable and up-to-date resources. Your point of view is essential for the paper, so each paragraph should be concluded by your opinion.
  4. Write the conclusion. The main point of your essay should be expressed in the very last sentence of the paper. In fact, the conclusion is a mix of introduction, main body and the last main sentence. Though do not copy paste sentences, write the summary of the paper in other words.